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Herd Sires

HA Cowboy UP 5405


Top 1% for hot Carcass Weight EPD, top 2% for $Feedlot value index, Weaning Weight EPD and Yearling Weight EPD, top 5% for $Beef value index, top 10% for Residual Average Daily Gain EPD, top 20% for Rib Eye area measure EPD, top 25% for Scrotal Circumference EPD and better than breed average for cow $Energy value savings index. 

As of 11-16-18.

Jindra Acclaim


Acclaim - The breed's new leader for $Beef.  Acclaim offers calving ease with exceptional performance, carcass merit and maternal strength. Nick Jindra describes him as, “long, thick, deep and just flat good. He’s a favorite all of the way around.” His first calf dam is a beautiful Impression daughter with a great udder. Look for Acclaim to lead the next generation of high performance sires.

HA Prime Cut 4493


Prime Cut offers a refreshing combination of masculine phenotype, excellent balanced-trait EPDs and a pedigree that mates well with all of today's popular Angus pedigrees.  This remarkable sire is ideal to incorporate body depth, width, substance of bone and foot size. Progeny also have strong, wide tops and an eye-catching look.  Look to this moderate birth weight, performance sire to also be known as a sire of excellent daughters. He's a fantastic all-around sire that's being used in some of the industry's top breeding programs.

S A V Ten Speed 3022


Ten Speed checks all the boxes and has the proof to back it! If you want to create true curve-bending cattle that perform on grass and at the bunk, Ten Speed is a must-use sire. Ten Speed daughters are proving to follow the cow side of his pedigree: flawless in their udder, deep sided and easy to be around.

Tokach Time Frame 2109


OIAN Angus purchased Time Frame from GENEX in 2016. He produces outstanding females that add length and frame to our cattle. The bulls have some impressive performance from weaning to yearling.

S A V Renown 3439


Renown's progeny are sound-footed, correct cattle that are free on the move and flexible in their skeletal design. Look to Renown to add performance, superior phenotype and maternal potency; like few that have come before him!

Coleman Charlo 0256


Charlo - The cattlemen's kind with tremendous base width and muscle shape. He offers a unique calving ease option that is an outcross to most popular bloodlines. Larry Coleman describes his Charlo calves as “wide topped, big hipped and loaded with power...the best calves on the ranch.”

He is a great maternal sire, siring high indexing daughters with excellent udders and superior fleshing ability.

V A R Index 3282


Index is phenotypically correct, moderate framed with plenty of muscle and base width. He combines added ribeye and reduced fat to improve yield grades, while at the same time offering superior marbling. He is balanced across the board for calving ease, performance, maternal traits and carcass merit.

G A R Ashland


Ashland is becoming one of the breed's most popular sires! He's unique in his combination of performance data, genomics and phenotype, offering the performance data you demand and the visual qualities you expect from a powerful herd sire. Calves are visually good, and production ratios against tough competition are equally good. He is backed by nine generations of proven sires and is an outcross calving-ease option to every GENEX pedigree.

Ellingson Homegrown 6035


Homegrown stands down with as much substance of bone, base width and muscle shape as you will find in a calving ease Angus bull. He offers a tremendous EPD profile to go with his eye appealing phenotype.

Homegrown offers a maternally-oriented, calving ease option with outcross potential for many of today's popular pedigrees.

Bruin Torque 5261


Ideal to use to make deep bodied, easy fleshing, docile replacement females. Torque is siring progeny with his outstanding temperament, foot quality and body design. If your herd needs more maternal horsepower, just add Torque!

EF Commando 1366

Count on this no-miss calving-ease sire to add carcass value and end-product merit to any calf crop. Calves are moderate framed and expressive in their muscle. 

JFCC True North 6035

OIAN Angus purchased True North from Johnson Family Cattle Co in 2018. True North is a physical standout for muscle, depth of body and pure power.

More than just a pretty face, True North was the high gaining bull of the 2018 Wisconsin Beef Improvement Association bull test. Expect his progeny to efficiently excel in the pasture and the feedlot.